Samoan Citizenship (concept)

Department of Internal Affairs

May - 2021
Petone & Havea
Project type
Photography, Print design
As a part of a conceptual project provided to us by the Department of Internal Affairs, we were asked to create and design collateral specifically aimed at the Samoan communities (based in Samoa and Aotearoa) that promoted a citizenship application service that will be released at a later date
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In order to properly cater to these communities we conducted our own research through talanoa with our own communities. We also looked into current collateral in both Aotearoa and Samoa (that was aimed at our target audience), to get an idea of the visual styles that were popular in either country. This led to the creation of 4 posters and a brochure that contained real-time photography of members of the Hataitai Samoan Methodist Church. The final posters are a reflection of our themes of authenticity, engagement and accessibility.
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